Dasix Redefines "Turn-Key"

Any project, any size, we can take it from start to finish..

Responsive design

Go beyond native mobile applications with next generation web applications that work on every device. We liberate ideas from the app store.

Application Architecture

We can turn any idea into a functional spec; then bring it to life. Our productions can scale dynamically to meet unpredictable traffic loads.


Dasix is happy to help with any part of your project, to any degree, regardless of its current development status.

Our services

Dasix is a collection of talented web development veterans. We've spent years mastering the ins-and-outs of architecture, design, infrastructure, development, deployment, and analytics. No matter what challenge you're facing, we've been there, and we can help.

Software Architecture

Our software architects can turn any problem into a program. Even before the first line of code is written we can paint a precise picture of a web application that solves any number of problems and addresses every concern.


Our system administration team can design and build the infrastructure necessary to power any web application of any size and scale. From bare-metal, to IaaS, to PaaS, we can show you the steps, or complete them for you.

Project Management

We can help break any plan down into steps, stages, and milestones then co-ordinate any size team to victory. Dasix can paint realistic expectations to eliminate surprises and keep everything on time and on budget.


We can bring professional developers to the table when its time to get hands dirty. Our team will execute the job with surgical precision and deliver highest quality products and source code.